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Can Universities lead 'transition'?

Can Universities make the move towards, or even lead 'transition'?

A National Weekend Conference
West Downs Centre, Winchester
February 5-6 2011

Here are some of the ideas we have for plenaries and workshops so far:
  • An opening roundtable discussion on what’s wrong with UK Universities plc
  • Curricula for an era of climate change and crisis
  • Energy descent on Campus and renewable energy projects
  • Us and the community (i): Useful research and positive action
  • Us and the community (ii): Food, water and community gardens
  • Us and the community (iii) Making the necessary world-wide links with the poor and dispossessed
  • Debate: Are we fighting the establishment, or finding grounds for collaboration with it?
  • The travel conundrum: Getting to work, going to far-away conferences
  • Boffins or bodgers, who are the champions of the necessary step change?
  • Final Plenary: Where do we go from here?
+info no Sítio oficial
(estamos a contactar a organização para pedir a cobertura web-TV, de modo a podermos acompanhar/participar a partir da U.M.)

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